To: All members of the Granite State BMW Riders

From: Jim Herrick,  Vice President                                                                                                     June 10, 2022


It is painful to advise you the Granite State BMW Riders club is closed. Our club has struggled to maintain our membership, sustaining officers, and a slate of activities for several years now. Additionally, we have lost a series of great members, some of whom were charter members, who are sadly no longer with us. Many of us have happy memories of spending time together and enjoying our machines and where they have taken us. We hope that all members can find a club or group with whom they can share their interests going forward.

The club’s constitution requires any remaining funds in our bank account be donated to a tax-exempt organization working for the betterment of motorcyclists. The Board has chosen the BMW MOA Foundation as the best place to donate those funds. They actively support all forms of rider education. If you are not aware of their efforts, you should review their web site at:      

If members have questions they can email me at:  We wish you many safe and happy rides ahead, and look forward to seeing you on the road.

If you’re a rider interested in finding a New England area BMW oriented club please go to BMW Motorcycles of America, club listing page: